Industrial Label Printer DYMO LabelManager 420P

DYMO® LabelManager™ 420P – Your Office Manager!

The DYMO® LabelManager™ 420P helps print barcodes or customized labels fast with smart keys

Here is an efficient worker that demands no perks and yet streamlines your workspace at home or in the office by fulfilling your filing, labeling needs quickly and smartly. If you depend on labels to create a more efficient and productive workplace, then the LabelManager™ 420P is the right choice being the most preferred industrial label printer.

The LabelManager™ 420P comes from the LabelManager™ range of DYMO®. It is ergonomically designed for easy hand held function. Its smart, easy access keys are light to the touch and help you input information faster, resulting in quicker label making.

Its large, 4-line backlit display allows you to check the information before you print it, which means easy corrections of errors, if any and consequently precisely printed labels. Saving you not just time and effort but also helping you to bring down the cost of reprinting.

The other great advantage that the LabelManager™ 420P offers is better aesthetics, thanks to its 8 fonts, 7 font sizes, 10 text styles, 8 boxes, plus underline. And 30+ways to format texts! So, you can customize labels with your own fonts and graphics and print up to ¾” (19mm wide labels) or print in 6, 9 or 12 mm width.

You can use ABC keyboard – or connect via USB to your PC using the free DYMO® Connect Software for Desktop (available in English and Hindi) to print barcodes, logos, batch labels from data files and much more.

The LabelManager™ 420P saves up to 15 frequently used labels. So if you regularly print the same labels, all you have to do is reprint from the saved folder. No need to waste time and effort inputting the same information again. You can also print up to 10 copies of the same label at one go.

All in all, it is ideal for filing & organizing, asset tracking/ barcodes, cable management and various other identification purposes. This makes it ideal for offices, home workspaces, warehouses, production and manufacturing, medical care and IT Datacom industries where cost-effective labeling requirements are an everyday norm. This models run on a rechargeable battery pack that eliminates the inconvenience, expense and waste of alkaline batteries.

With the LabelManager™ 420P, you have the option of using D1 Standard Polyester Labels for hundreds of tasks around the office or home office, such as filing, storage and asset tracking. You can use the D1 Durable Vinyl Labels whose industrial strength adhesive helps to ensure labels stay stuck to a variety of surfaces. Then there are the D1 Permanent Polyester Labels. Their professional, polished finish makes them ideal for panels, blocks, faceplates, shelves, bins and more. You could also opt for the D1 Flexible Nylon Labels that are specifically designed for curved surfaces and wire and cable marking. The DYMO® high quality labels are made in Belgium and are available in multiple colours.

When it comes to ease of use, affordability and better quality, no one does it better than DYMO®. With a European heritage of quality and assurance, DYMO® performs better than any other competition in the market. Not only can DYMO® label printers keep pace with today’s fast world, they also deliver when it comes to quality, durability, serviceability, ease-of-use and low cost. The LabelManager™ 420P is just one of the many innovative solutions from our wide range of industrial label printers. Own it and see the difference. Buy the DYMO® LabelManager™ 420P today, improve productivity!


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